Requirements Manager

MonkeyProof Requirements Manager provides a single-environment, full back-and-forth, multi-stage/ hierarchical traceability between requirements and decisions of different types and Simulink®/Stateflow implementation.

Intuitive interface

An intuitive interface allows for easy, hierarchical browsing, status inspection, and hyperlinked navigation from requirement to Simulink®/Stateflow implementation. Vice versa, requirements are visualized and hyperlinked on model objects for easy navigation from implementation to requirement.

A complete tool

The Requirements Manager supports user roles and permissions for usage in a collaborative and/or hierarchical design environment including formal review and approval. A variety of automated and customizable checks and reports are available such as verification if requirements are of the correct type, are linked to existing Simulink components, and if the implementation has been tested.

Full traceability

The Requirements manager provides full traceability from high level requirement to implementation by centrally keeping track of the relations and status of the requirements, decisions, and the link to implementation.