Unit Test Manager

MonkeyProof Unit Test Manager provides a centralized, single-environment, automated and traceable environment for verification of Simulink® designs. Costs are cut by automating repeat testing and reporting necessary whenever a model changes, different parameters and/or different test scenarios apply, and when the hand written or automatically generated code for HIL or SIL testing is available.


Quality is impacted by making tests reproducible and by providing centralized traceability of test results to the requirement under test, to the applied parameter settings and test vectors under test, and to the model and model version under test.


It is tightly integrated with MonkeyProof Requirements Manager and MonkeyProof Data Dictionary Manager to provide full traceability and role and user based permissions when used in a hierarchical collaborative design environment.

Usability – one design environment

MonkeyProof Unit Test Manager is built to operate seamlessly with and within the familiar MATLAB/Simulink model based design environment of the engineer. No switching between different environments is required. It is integrated with MonkeyProof Requirements Manager to facilitate requirements based testing and easy verification.