Audio Real-Time Target Machine

Applications in the area of audio communication (e.g. for the development of hearing aids) typically require:

  • highest computational performance to mimize calculation time for the complex algorithmic models
  • high performance analog input and output I/O connectivity
  • Interface patch panels e.g. with balanced XLR and LEMO connectors
  • Special cabinets or racks combining the components to a complete package
  • Low noise operation
  • Possibility to interact with other real-time systems (e.g. to simulate both, the left ear and the right ear hearing aid)
  • Audio real-time target machines typically include:
  • One or two Performance real-time target machines with highest CPU clock rate (Intel Core i7 3.5GHz four core CPU)
  • Audio/Speech I/O connectivity and XLR panels
  • Optional very fast target to target connection using shared memory technology
  • 7U to 20U 19" chassis
  • Go to Audio Real-Time Target Machine page on Speedgoat website.