MATLAB Applications Framework

MATLAB for production

Aimed at production environments, MonkeyProof Solutions has developed a framework for MATLAB based applications that brings inherent robustness, user friendliness, traceability, data management, and workflow management. In many organizations subject matter experts use MATLAB for design space exploration, new algorithm development, and number crunching. Once the newly developed algorithms are proven they may need to be rolled out to a larger community that may not be as familiar with MATLAB. This larger community has different needs from a robustness and user friendliness perspective than the typical R&D engineer.The MonkeyProof MATLAB Applications Framework supports a single code base for algorithmic MATLAB (and legacy) code whilst GUI performance, GUI look and feel, GUI MATLAB-release compatibility, and speed of deployment (or time to market) are greatly enhanced.


For project overview, control and for progress and status monitoring the frameworks provides an application governor: an interactive, dynamic tree view of the application that facilitates project, job, and scenario management.

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