ProKLT (Promod Camera Laser Scanner), is a hardware-software based solution developed for 3D measurement needs. ProKLT can generate high resolution 3D profiles in short time with non-contact methods and gives its measurements. ProKLT, as well as measuring standard values like volume, surface area and dimensions, can evaluate the object based on a predefined model. ProKLT differs from its 2D-measuring counterparts in its capability of measuring net depth, thus it can determine details that 2D systems fail to do so.


ProVisiaA is powerful image processing library with hundreds of functions that can provide you with the best possible solutions for your projects. It can be easily modified for any project with its user friendly interface and flexible algorithm development structure.

Promod Control Library

Promod Control Library is a powerful control library for WinForm applications developed under .NET framework. It provides plenty of UI elements for your SCADA applications.

Promod Ration Preparation

Ration Preparation is an automation solution developed for using in dairy and breeding farms. In order to increase the efficiency, system is used for preparing the balanced nutrition recipes precisely within specified ratios.

Speedgoat is a highly specialized provider of turn-key real-time target systems and services for Simulink®-based rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop. Speedgoat and Promod can provide hardware and software solutions for your projects. Click here for further information.

MonkeyProof Solutions is a Dutch company founded in 2008. Today a team of MATLAB/Simulink/Code Generation experts support both Dutch and international clients. MPS and Promod can provide unique software solutions for your projects. Click here for further information.

  • Also;
  • Development of MATLAB and Simulink tools for servo system design
  • Development of hardware drivers supporting xPC Target
  • Integration of MATLAB and xPC Target-based laboratory software and hardware
  • xPC Target product feature additions
  • Preparation of books and software for advanced control design and automation for Simulink
  • ProTünel-Microtunnel navigation software
  • Vision based automation systems

Consultancy Services

Control Design and Implementation

Mathematical design, hardware selection, software implementation, and integration for all control systems

Electronic Prototypes

Project-specific real-time systems for engineers that want to verify and validate their designs in real time

Flexible Control System Solutions

Multipurpose and reprogrammable control system design, user interfaces, and hardware selection support

Model-Based Design Infrastructure

Consultancy and automatic code generation project services for companies that desire to use model-based design for their design and production processes

MathWorks Product Consultancy

Custom programs and modules for MATLAB, Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, and all toolboxes, as well as advanced technical support

Training Services

Custom designed and delivered training for simulation, modeling, code generation, and numerical analysis
For further information on trainings, you can see our Training Programs page.