About Us

Founded in 2005, Promod is an engineering and software development firm focused on research and development of technologies to improve engineering processes. Its main proficiencies are modeling, simulation, and prototyping; with a focus on real-time applications and hardware/software integration. Its engineers have background and experience with control systems, signal processing, image processing, target tracking, measurement and calibration systems.

The Promod engineering team has extensive experience with MATLAB, Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder and xPC Target provided by The MathWorks, Inc. The company’s primary goal is to enable users in education and research to fully utilize these tools and accelerate the pace of technology.

The general framework of our activities is to provide project-specific models and software for MATLAB/Simulink users, work one-on-one with users to ensure effective use of the tools, and provide custom tailored training classes for engineers that work on research and development.