Company Values

As the Promod Team, we offer unique solutions to unique problems through research, software, and technology development. In this very dynamic field, what sets us apart is our relationship with our employees, customers, and partners.

With Employees:

We work with people that take initiative, continuously learn, and apply new knowledge without restraint.
We think criticism is essential to growth and advancement. Our employees can express themselves freely.
We know our employees have more to their lives than work; we believe a balanced life is key to a productive career.
We make our employees’ career development our responsibility. We think job satisfaction is the sum of the quality of work and the knowledge gained.

With Customers:

We pick our projects in which we can make a real contribution. Being the right choice for our customer is very important to us.
We make quality a priority. A project does not end until the customer’s expectations are fully met.
We value trust above all and follow up on all promises.
We believe that continuous communication is the key to a successful project.

With Partners:

We build relationships upon trust. The most important value that an institution can offer us is complete honesty.
We partner with those that work out problems through communication.
We believe partnerships stand to gain more through mutual and fair distribution of benefits.
We make sure that ethical practices are followed in all our dealings.